Networking with a Difference

Attending a Female Network event is an opportunity to visit a community of ladies who are here not just to connect, but to engage and inspire in many different ways. 

When I first came up with the idea of establishing the group, I wanted to create a network where women from all walks of life could learn from and help each other in regard to personal, business or self development skills. It was something I wished had been available when I was starting out in business.

I had been networking for over 10 years but never really enjoyed it. 9 times out of 10, I would be left feeling drained and I grew tired of explaining who I was and what I did to people who generally didn’t really care. They just wanted a referral rather than a business relationship. That was not how I wanted to work. Being an empath I needed some sort of real connection. 

I realised one day after being invited to a friends house for a dinner party, that no one present would have known each other if it wasn’t for me. I had brought people together from different backgrounds. I started thinking about the type of network I would like to create. I felt women needed an outlet. At the time there was little opportunity for women to offer support to each other.

I love watching women leave my events inspired, motivated and filled with positive thoughts. It makes me feel part of a team when we come together as one, even though we may each be on our own personal journey.

Networking is about building relationships, helping each other grow, getting to know each other and letting others be who they want to be.

My Networking Tips

Focus on building relationships 

If you want to achieve in networking, you have to accept that not every relationship will work. There has to be some sort of rapport or chemistry between both parties. Not everyone will like you and you have to accept that. Having said that, I have in the past experienced a positive outcome, from a relationship that started negatively. So perseverance can pay off.  

Follow up

If someone arranges an appointment or makes a request by email, make sure it’s followed up. There is nothing more annoying than people taking your details and promising they will be in touch, then don’t bother. Don’t waste time and energy, move on to your next contact.

Be yourself

Have passion and confidence in what you love doing, be honest with yourself. If you are not feeling your best, speak to someone. There is always someone who can help at our events. A problem shared is a problem halved.


If you pass lots of work on to someone and receive little or no appreciation for it, try not to let it get to you. Think of the people who do you favours rather than the ones who just want a favour.

Connect on Social Media 

This is a must for everyone who networks. There are so many benefits when you create a social media profile. It can help grow your business and make a strong impression on your contacts, who can instantly see you and hopefully be inspired by what you do.
If you would like to join or know more about Female Network, feel free to contact me Tammy Doyle via


10 Tips on starting a new venture

Are you starting a business for the first time and worried about failing? Or are you already in business, but finding it difficult? Then you may need to consider these points.

Having been in business for over 25 years, I have experienced many  “highs” and “lows” and learned some valuable lessons, positive and negative, along the way. But I have no regrets, because having my own business and doing what I love is what makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning. Here are my top ten tips on starting a business, based on the lessons I’ve learned on my journey,

Tip 1. What is your passion and motivation? It will take a lot of energy to run a business so you need to enjoy what you’re doing. What risks are you willing to take in your search for success?  Are you sure it’s worth your time and effort? If the answer is no then don’t even try.

Tip 2. It could take some time before you start generating income, so you may need an alternative income stream to cover any overheads. 

Tip 3. Everyone needs a support system in business, don’t try and do it alone. You need to accept that you will make mistakes and that obstacles may pop up along the way. Use a friend or family member to bounce ideas off, someone who will listen sympathetically and not be judgmental. Find a mentor who has come from the same sort of industry. You can learn invaluable lessons from someone who has already been through the process.

Tip 4. Create a business plan. Choosing the right business name is important and having a guide helps to keep you focused and will provide all the information you need to understand how everything operates. It also helps you remain focused on your financial goals, and marketing strategies. One of the reasons for doing a plan first, is that it can help you avoid wasting energy and money on a project that will not be a success. 

Tip 5. Expand your social and business contacts by networking with your clients immediately. Without them you don’t have a business. Create profiles on social platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook. Connect or meet contacts and form relationships, this can help provide future leads for your business. Networking is a great way to grow your business    

Tip 6. You will need to do plenty of research when starting a new business. If you’re not already, you will need to become an expert on your industry, products, and services. Joining related professional associations is a great idea, you will learn from others about their turning points, successful decisions and the things that held them back. Most importantly you will be learning from the mistakes of others.

Tip 7. Seek professional help for tasks you are not qualified to do. It will save a lot of time and money. For example, if maths isn’t one of your strengths, hire a bookkeeper or accountant. If you need to write up a contract or terms and conditions and you’re not a solicitor, hire one. 

Tip 8. Company image is important. So ensure you have high quality business cards, a business phone, and email address. Most importantly, conduct yourself in a professional manner.  Treat everyone as if they are your next client.

Tip 9. On the legal side, learn what your responsibilities are before you start your business. You may have to arrange the necessary licenses and insurance. Setting up the legal side of things was one of my pet hates, but I knew it was much more difficult and expensive to fix later. Most accountants will provide a free consultation initially, they will let you know if your business needs to be registered, or has to pay VAT.  The Inland Revenue website is a great source of information too. You can view this on

Tip 10. Passion and Knowledge are two key ingredients in running a successful business. Passion helps you move forward and keeps the fire in our belly while knowledge points you in the right direction and helps you grow.  Remember you are a leader, and it’s your responsibility to plan and grow your business.


Finding Your Mojo In The Morning

Getting up in the morning isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve had a restless night and you face a chaotic day. Here are ten ways to make your morning more mindful and stress-free.

1. Prepare for the next day before you go to bed. Whether it be deciding which outfit to wear and ironing it, preparing your lunch, or ensuring you have all the relevant documents for any meetings at your fingertips. Doing this the night before will ensure you have a less stressful start to the day. It can aid your positivity and in this way, help increase your productivity.

2. A good night’s sleep is vital. This can be difficult during these stressful times.  If you have trouble sleeping, try meditating or reading a book before retiring for the day. If you do this as a ritual each night, it will send a message to your brain telling it that it’s time to switch off and it can help your body to relax.

3. If you use an alarm to wake you, set it to play a piece of music. This is much nicer than being woken by a loud beeping which can be a shock to the system, especially if you are in a deep sleep. It can help lighten your mood and put you in a positive frame of mind. 

4. If you snooze you lose. There’s a lot of truth in that saying, putting your alarm in snooze mode and being woken from a deep sleep after just a few minutes may make you feel worse rather than better. Prepare to be up and ready to face the day as soon as your alarm sounds.

5. Affirmations, filling your head with positive thoughts is a great way to start your day and relieve stress and anxiety. They promote mindfulness, assists good health and can help keep negative thoughts at bay. I’ve always found this useful and it feels more important now than ever. 

6. Breathing exercises and yoga are great for your physical and mental well being. Breathing exercises help to relieve anxiety and depression and Yoga is a great aid to relaxation. You can feel the benefits after just one session. Personally, I recommend the Wim Hof breathing method and I find Yoga with Adriene is fantastic for all levels.

7. Eat a healthy breakfast, something packed with nutrients such as oatmeal porridge or a natural juice. My favourite recipes are from the ‘juice master’ Jason Vale. I add some chia seeds, ginger or berries. This helps to provide you with the energy you need to make it to lunchtime without craving a snack. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day as well, two-thirds of the human body is made up of water. Dehydration can affect your mood and increase fatigue, it’s essential that you stay well hydrated to enable your body’s cells to function properly. 

8. Setting small daily targets can help you move forward and motivate you to reach your goals and dreams. If you don’t have a plan in place to achieve a goal, then how can you expect to reach it? Click here for our goal setting worksheet.

9. Wearing clothes that you feel good in will help lift your mood and put you in the correct mindset, even if you are working from home, as lots of us are these days. This can help you focus more clearly on the daily tasks you need to complete. 

10. Last but definitely not least, self-care. Look after yourself as best as you can throughout your day. Don’t forget to put your physical and mental well being above everything else. Remember that you are your most valuable commodity.